Preventing Damage to Your Prop

Preventing Damage to Your Prop: What Boat Owners Need to Know

Evinrude motors are reliable outboaotors that will last many years if properly cared for. Unfortunately, many boat owners find themselves out of commission when they inadvertently damage the propeller of their new outboard motor. Although there are many unseen ways to damage a prop, avoiding damage is simple if boat owners watch out for several common dangers while on the water. Here are the top ways to prevent damage to your propeller and keep your motor running strong all year:

1) Watch for Shallow Water

This seems to go without saying, but even experienced boaters run aground or strike submerged objects occasionally. The usual culprits are large rocks protruding from otherwise deep water, unseen sand bars, floating logs or lower-than-normal water levels. The best way to prevent prop damage caused by running aground is to go slowly and pay careful attention to the water in front of the boat, especially when near land or in an area littered with large amounts of driftwood.

2) Be Careful With Ropes and Chains

Any time you are docking or undocking, it is wise to pay close attention to the location of any ropes or chains used to secure the boat. It is all to easy to leave something dangling in the water only to have it get tangled in the prop when the engine fires. In addition to being frustrating and difficult to untangle, tangled ropes or chains can also cause irreparable damage to the prop and may result in the need to repair or replace it.

3) Be Aware of Invasive Plants

Occasionally, invasive plants in an aquatic environment can snag and damage props. Any plant that grows abnormally tall or thick in a shallow body of water is a potential threat to props. If you find yourself in a heavily weeded section of lake this summer, lift the prop as much as possible to avoid tangling and consider paddling the boat out of the area if tangling cannot be avoided.When boating this summer, pay careful attention for any strange vibrations, performance changes or RPM abnormalities that may indicate a damaged prop. If you suspect damage, pull over immediately and make arrangements to get to shore as driving on a damaged prop is unwise and unsafe. Fortunately, prop damage is easy to avoid and these simple cautionary measures will keep you and your outboard motor safe all summer.