About L&M Marine

L & M Marine LLC has grown from a specialty Marine shop to one of the largest multi-line Outboard Marine dealers in the area. L & M Marine LLC prides itself on its customer service - we know how important it is to be taken care of and to have someone you can trust.

Our OEM Marine Parts department is staffed by experienced professionals that want to make sure you get the right outboard marine part at the right time and at a fair price. Not only can our team answer your questions intelligently, they''ll help you find the outboard parts you need.

Our parts fiche has all the Yamaha Outboard Motor Parts, Johnson Outboard Marine Parts, Mercury Outboard Marine Parts, and Evinrude Outboard Marine Parts for all your outboard marine repair jobs.

Mercury Outboard Parts

Steel Propellers

Force Outboard PartsMercury OEM Marine Mark PartsPowertech A Class Propellers
Force PartsMercury OEM Marine Outboard PartsPowertech A Class Props
Mariner Outboard PartsMercury OEM Marine PartsPowertech B Class Propellers
Mariner PartsMercury OEM Mariner Outboard PartsPowertech B Class Props
Mercruiser Outboard PartsMercury OEM Mariner PartsPowertech C Class Propellers
Mercruiser PartsMercury OEM Mark Outboard PartsPowertech C Class Props
Mercury Boat PartsMercury OEM Mark PartsPowertech D Class Propellers
Mercury Chrysler Outboard PartsMercury OEM Mercruiser Outboard PartsPowertech D Class Props
Mercury Chrysler PartsMercury OEM Mercruiser PartsPowertech E Class Propellers
Mercury Force Outboard PartsMercury OEM Outboard PartsPowertech E Class Props
Mercury Force PartsMercury OEM PartsPowertech F Class Propellers
Mercury Inboard PartsMercury OEM Race Outboard PartsPowertech F Class Props
Mercury Marine Boat PartsMercury OEM Race Sterndrive PartsPowertech Stainless Steel Propellers
Mercury Marine Mark PartsMercury OEM Sportjet PartsPowertech Stainless Steel Props
Mercury Marine Motor PartsMercury OEM Trolling Motor PartsPowertech Steel Propellers
Mercury Marine Outboard Motor PartsMercury Outboard Motor PartsPowertech Steel Props
Mercury Marine Outboard PartsMercury Race Outboard PartsStainless Steel Propellers
Mercury Marine PartsMercury Race Sterndrive PartsStainless Steel Props
Mercury Mariner Outboard PartsMercury Sportjet PartsSteel Propellers
Mercury Mariner PartsMercury Trolling Motor PartsSteel Props
Mercury Mark Outboard PartsOEM Force Outboard Parts
Mercury Mark PartsOEM Force Parts
Mercury Mercruiser Outboard PartsOEM Mariner Outboard Parts
Mercury Mercruiser PartsOEM Mariner Parts
Mercury Motor PartsOEM Mercruiser Outboard Parts
Mercury OEM Chrysler Outboard PartsOEM Mercruiser Parts
Mercury OEM Chrysler PartsOEM Sportjet Outboard Parts
Mercury OEM Force Outboard PartsOEM Sportjet Parts
Mercury OEM Force PartsSportjet Outboard Parts

Evinrude Outboard Parts

1974 Evinrude Parts1997 Evinrude Parts
1975 Evinrude Parts1997 Evinrude Turbojet Parts
1976 Evinrude Parts1998 Evinrude Parts
1977 Evinrude Parts1999 Evinrude Parts
1978 Evinrude Parts2000 Evinrude Parts
1979 Evinrude Parts2001 Evinrude Parts
1980 Evinrude Parts2002 Evinrude Parts
1981 Evinrude Parts2003 Evinrude Parts
1982 Evinrude Parts2004 Evinrude Parts
1983 Evinrude Parts2005 Evinrude Parts
1984 Evinrude Parts2006 Evinrude Parts
1985 Evinrude Parts2007 Evinrude Parts
1986 Evinrude Parts2008 Evinrude Parts
1987 Evinrude Parts2009 Evinrude Parts
1988 Evinrude Parts2010 Evinrude Parts
1989 Evinrude Parts2011 Evinrude Parts
1990 Evinrude Parts2012 Evinrude Parts
1991 Evinrude Parts2013 Evinrude Parts
1991 Evinrude Quiet Rider PartsEvinrude Accessories
1992 Evinrude PartsEvinrude Electric Parts
1992 Evinrude Quiet Rider PartsEvinrude OEM Electric Parts
1993 Evinrude PartsEvinrude OEM Outboard Parts
1993 Evinrude Quiet Rider PartsEvinrude OEM Parts
1994 Evinrude PartsEvinrude OEM Quiet Rider Parts
1994 Evinrude Quiet Rider PartsEvinrude OEM Turbojet Parts
1995 Evinrude PartsEvinrude Outboard Accessories
1995 Evinrude Turbojet PartsEvinrude Quiet Rider Parts
1996 Evinrude PartsEvinrude Turbojet Parts
1996 Evinrude Turbojet PartsOEM Quiet Rider Parts

Yamaha Outboard Parts

1984 Yamaha Outboard Parts1999 Yamaha Outboard Parts
1985 Yamaha Outboard Parts2000 Yamaha Outboard Parts
1986 Yamaha Outboard Parts2001 Yamaha Outboard Parts
1987 Yamaha Outboard Parts2002 Yamaha Outboard Parts
1988 Yamaha Outboard Parts2003 Yamaha Outboard Parts
1989 Yamaha Outboard Parts2004 Yamaha Outboard Parts
1989 Yamaha Stern Drive Motor Parts2005 Yamaha Outboard Parts
1990 Yamaha Outboard Parts2006 Yamaha Outboard Parts
1990 Yamaha Stern Drive Motor PartsYamaha Jet Drive Pumps
1991 Yamaha Outboard PartsYamaha OEM Outboard Parts
1992 Yamaha Outboard PartsYamaha OEM Outboard Stern Drive Parts
1992 Yamaha Stern Drive Motor PartsYamaha OEM Stern Drive Parts
1993 Yamaha Outboard PartsYamaha Outboard Jet Drive Pumps
1993 Yamaha Stern Drive Motor PartsYamaha Outboard Parts
1994 Yamaha Outboard PartsYamaha Outboard Rigging Parts
1995 Yamaha Outboard PartsYamaha Outboard Stern Drive Motor Parts
1996 Yamaha Outboard PartsYamaha Outboard Stern Drive Parts
1997 Yamaha Outboard PartsYamaha Rigging Parts
1998 Yamaha Outboard PartsYamaha Stern Drive Motor Parts

Yamaha Stern Drive Parts

Johnson Outboard Parts

1974 Johnson Parts1996 Johnson Parts
1975 Johnson Parts1996 Johnson Turbojet Parts
1976 Johnson Parts1997 Johnson Parts
1977 Johnson Parts1997 Johnson Turbojet Parts
1978 Johnson Parts1998 Johnson Parts
1979 Johnson Parts1999 Johnson Parts
1980 Johnson Parts2000 Johnson Parts
1981 Johnson Parts2001 Johnson Parts
1982 Johnson Parts2002 Johnson Parts
1983 Johnson Parts2003 Johnson Parts
1984 Johnson Parts2004 Johnson Parts
1985 Johnson Parts2005 Johnson Parts
1986 Johnson Parts2006 Johnson Parts
1987 Johnson Parts2007 Johnson Parts
1988 Johnson Parts2008 Johnson Parts
1989 Johnson Parts2009 Johnson Parts
1990 Johnson Parts2010 Johnson Parts
1991 Johnson Parts2011 Johnson Parts
1991 Johnson Quiet Rider Parts2012 Johnson Parts
1992 Johnson Parts2013 Johnson Parts
1992 Johnson Quiet Rider PartsJohnson Accessories
1993 Johnson PartsJohnson Electric Parts
1993 Johnson Quiet Rider PartsJohnson OEM Electric Parts
1994 Johnson PartsJohnson OEM Outboard Parts
1994 Johnson Quiet Rider PartsJohnson OEM Parts
1995 Johnson PartsJohnson OEM Quiet Rider Parts
1995 Johnson Turbojet PartsJohnson OEM Turbojet Parts

Johnson Outboard Accessories

Johnson Quiet Rider Parts

Johnson Turbojet Parts